AFFORDABLE WEB DESIGN - the best prices available for custom design!

Let Skyeblue Marketing create an exclusive website design that is uniquely yours and costs a fraction of what other web developers charge. And at Skyeblue we'll coordinate the look of all your marketing print pieces with your website design for a professional, consistent presence.

Why SkyeBlue Marketing? The truth about web design - nicely done graphics are only part of the equation. What are the other important factors? Design that speaks to your specific customer and meets their needs!

Custom Design There are lots of templates for websites available that can be "customized". But templates have their drawbacks and lack originality. Do you want your statement to the world to be like several hundred others, or do you want a unique, fresh design that stands out? Templates also have limited design capability - pictures have to be placed in certain areas, there are fewer options for adding text. Wouldn't you rather put your information where you want it?

Function Internet shoppers want to easily find information on your website. If the location of important information is not where they expect it, they just go someplace else. At Skyeblue we understand that simple, but beautiful can be the best web design for your site. We make certain that you have the information customers are looking for placed in a logical, easy to navigate manner.

We think you'll be amazed at our affordable prices for completely customized, gorgeous websites. And you can depend on us for low cost maintenance and hosting.

Printed Materials are a must in any business venture. They provide an easy to deliver vehicle for reaching out to potential clients at any time. When a customer holds your brochure, business card or catalog in their hands it speaks volumes about your product's professionalism and viability. It says "Hey, I'm for real and here are the facts". Websites are of course a necessity in this time of ecommerce. But too often, clients can be overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information that's available. With your printed piece, they can focus on just your message.

Customer Focused

When Skyeblue Marketing creates your masterpiece, they've taken you through a thorough process that pinpoints the exact customer to speak to. This all important aspect of preparing printed materials can make the difference in success with potential cleints. We help you distill the message into easily understood, attention grabbing segments that call for action - sales!


Nothing says "I know what I'm doing" better than professional graphic design. With Skyeblue Marketing you can have exclusive, beautiful print pieces for extremely low prices.

Did we say low prices? Yes, we think we offer the best value for professional services available. For prices that compete with the cost of printing your own flyers and brochures, you can have first-class, custom designed pieces using quality, gloss paper. The look and feel of our marketing materials will compete with all of the top-brand companies and your piece will stand out head and shoulders above the ordinary. We've scoured the country to bring you excellent print quality at the lowest possible prices.

Put it all together

With our service, you'll get a well-crafted, beautiful sales piece tailored to your specific needs. Not a "me-too" look that may be used by hundreds of others.

Make your product ready for sale. Our expertise includes all the elements needed to get your product on the market. Whether you want to start small and simply develop a professional appearance for sales presentations or go all out and reach for world wide sales, including mass merchant outlets, we can help!

Everyone has a "Big Idea" at some time or another. Unfortunately that's where many valid ideas stop, because the road from brainstorm to completed product seems daunting and most people have no idea how to get started. You have questions - how much will it cost? Where should it sell? Do I need a patent? Trademark? Most importantly is this even a valid product?

There are several paths to creating a new product - many are expensive. Way too expensive in our humble opinion.

There are words and then there are words that sell. We know the difference. Our experience in real-life sales and marketing to a wide variety of customers provides a great advantage over other writing services.

Why SkyeBlue Marketing? Targeted sales strategy in every SkyeBlue product.

Good business writers should first have a proven track record in sales. There is a difference in creating a message that drives action. Simply providing information that you think customers should know is not enough. Skyeblue Marketing has experience in product development and sales presentations to big and small businesses, individual consumers as well as mass merchants. Our presentations have resulted in sales! We know what it takes to turn prospective clients into customers.

Words that sell

There is a science as well as art to writing copy that generates interest. It's important to balance a message between professionalism and entertainment. Getting just the right bead on potential customer's needs requires experience in sales techniques as well as creativity

  • Articles Get your message across with a compelling story. We craft a riveting message and guide you in getting your article on the internet or in print – free or at very low cost.
  • Press Releases/Sell Sheets Dynamic content that targets the customers needs and creates desire.
  • Website Content /Web Copy Stand out from the crowd with content that delivers impact.
  • Instruction Manuals/Packaging Clear, detailed instructions that make sense and are easy to follow. Avoid frustrating your consumer by allowing us to review and revise instructions for clarity.
    international companies, let us review your instruction manual and packaging for English speaking customers. We can help you avoid embarrassing grammatical errors and help you project a professional image.
  • Video Scripting/Video Service Whether you need vibrant dialogue for your video or a complete video production we can complete your project.
  • Sales Tools Brochures, PowerPoint’s, corporate presentations, newsletter, blog content – anything that needs words!
  • Jingles/Lyrics/ Slogans Our musical dynamic duo will provide enchanting lyrics for your commercial or business slogan.

Our Principals

  • Added Value
  • Professional Service
  • Exceptional Products

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